Lyn S. Granger

March 5, 2010

“I have had a wonderful time experiencing the world of yoga in Rachel’s classes. She makes sure everyone is challenged, encouraged yet unintimidated. I have invited several friends to join these classes and without exception they have enjoyed them as well. We even started a class at our workplace which is a highlight of the week. Rachel offers the added bonus of being a licensed physical therapist. For those in the class who are dealing with injuries or physical challenges, this allows them to safely improve fitness. I also enjoy the physical nature of Rachel’s instruction. I have more muscle tone and upper body strength now, after only a few months, than I have through any other workout regime. I say, “Go for it, you’ll have a blast!”

Lyn S. Granger Principal | Vista Grande Elementary School

Stephen Lynch

March 2, 2010

I highly recommend Rachel Krentzman for anyone suffering from chronic back and neck pain. Over the span of 51 years, I have accumulated neck and back pain from stress, poor posture, and a few auto accidents. Chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage would relieve this pain in the past. However, these modalities just would not relieve the symptoms in the last several months.

I attended Rachel’s yoga class to see if this would help with my pain. I went away from this class knowing I found the right teacher.  I decided to take private sessions with Rachel to target the areas I was having trouble in. I can say with no doubt now this was the best way for me to address my problems.

Rachel created a program specifically for me. It includes stretches and exercises which are easy for me to do, do not take much time, and have very powerful results. It is interesting that several other healing modalities promised relief through their services.  Rachel indicated from the beginning it would take my OWN efforts to heal (which is the real truth).

Now I have relief from my pain. My next step will be to integrate the program Rachel taught me into my every day life. I am also thankful my physical practice is in tune with a spiritual practice (one of reverence and appreciation).

Stephen Lynch – M.Ed. Resource Specialist, Special Education San Diego City Schools

Barabara Brandon

March 1, 2010

I started taking yoga classes with Rachel to see if there would be any significant improvement in my martial arts techniques. Increased flexibility has not only bettered my techniques but practicing yoga has raised my overall energy level.

Rachel carefully tailors every session to meet each student’s individual needs. I look forward to my yoga sessions; they leave me feeling great!

Barabara Brandon – Yoga enthusiast for life

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