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Yoga Therapy Trainings

We are pleased to offer continuing education courses for Yoga Teachers (Prerequisite: 200 hour Yoga teacher training certificate or with permission from instructor).

Our courses can be applied towards Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.  You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


Happy Back Yoga Certification with Rachel Krentzman, PT, E-RYT:

This is a 70 hour special certification program designed for Yoga teachers who wish to continue their education in anatomy, therapeutics and Yoga for spinal health. The training includes therapeutic use of the Great Yoga Wall TM system.


NEXT TRAINING DATES:  July 10-20, 2017  10 Day Immersion Program 10-5 daily.  To register contact: www.prana-yoga.com or email rachel@embodyphysicaltherapy.com for inquiries.

Description: Yoga for a Happy Back Certification Program:

With Rachel Krentzman PT, E-RYT

This unique program, Yoga for Safe Spinal Health, is designed for Yoga instructors and includes:

  • Lower Back, Pelvis and Hips
  • Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

The full “Yoga for a Happy Back” Certification will be awarded when students complete both sections and a case study project, a total of 100 hours of training for 70 contact hours of credit.

Prerequisite: 200-hour Yoga teacher training

About Rachel Krentzman, PT, E-RYT

Rachel is a skilled physical therapist who combines 16 years of PT experience with more than 10 years of Yoga studies. Her treatment methods involve a unique and highly effective approach to healing the whole person. She uses Yoga postures and sequences, breath, and meditation to cultivate awareness and promote healing. Rachel trained with Master teacher Aadil Palkivala, and received his 2000-hour certification as a Purna Yoga instructor as well as continuing education credits in Yoga therapeutics.

During her ten years as a Yoga instructor, Rachel has also assisted Aadil at Yoga Journal conferences and at workshops in the U.S. and abroad. She continues her training with him in Yoga therapeutics and with master teacher Judith Hansen Lasater.

Rachel is the founder and director of Embody Physical Therapy and Yoga. You can learn more about her and her work at www.embodyphysicaltherapy.com

Location: Prana Yoga Center

1041 Silverado St.  La Jolla, CA  92037


  • July 7-16, 2016  – 10 am-5 pm daily

What it’s all about:

This is a special certification program designed for Yoga teachers who wish to continue their education in anatomy, therapeutics and Yoga for spinal health.  The training includes therapeutic use of the Great Yoga Wall TM system.

The Upper Back Workshop covers functional anatomy and biomechanics of the thoracic and cervical spine and shoulders and how it relates to posture and movement.  Through Yoga practice and hands-on lab time, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the biomechanics associated with Yoga postures and how injuries can develop as a result of incorrect alignment. Experientials will also cover therapeutic sequences for upper back, neck and shoulder pain including degenerative disc disease, nerve root impingement, reversed cervical curve, rotator cuff tear/tendonitis, bursitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Lower Back, Pelvis and Hips Section will cover the functional anatomy and biomechanics of the lumbar spine, sacrum, pelvis and hips and how it relates to posture and movement. Participants will learn specific therapeutic sequences for conditions including sciatica, disc herniations, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease and sacroiliac joint dysfunction as well as be able to identify improper movement and alignment and how those relate to pain and injury.

Both trainings will offer experience building Yoga programs tailored to the needs of individuals with specific conditions. Participants will emerge with skills to prevent and heal injuries by creating safe Yoga programs that include modifications, adjustments, use of props and the Yoga Wall.

Why a “Happy Back” Certification?

Work confidently with students who have special needs

Today, more people seek Yoga as a way to rid the body of pain and injury.  The “Yoga for a Happy Back” Certification Program is designed to help Yoga teachers have a clear understanding of the functional anatomy and biomechanics of the spine and surrounding areas and how those relate to both posture and movement.  By including varied learning modalities—such as Yoga practice, lecture, hands-on lab, practice teaching and adjustments—this certification gives Yoga teachers what they need to work comfortably and correctly with people experiencing specific conditions, injury or pain.

Attract a larger student base to your classes

This knowledge will help attract more students to group classes and private sessions. Yoga teachers with a broad understanding of anatomy, injury assessment and management skills are an asset to any Yoga studio or sports facility and are sought after by students seeking private Yoga classes for healing.  The “Yoga for Happy Back” Certification offers instructors advanced knowledge and specialized skills equipping them to teach a wider range of students.


Prevent and heal injuries

Often Yoga instructors feel unprepared to properly address student injury and pain in group classes or private lessons. Many begin teaching soon after completing a 200-hour yoga teacher certification, which often lacks the anatomy training needed to prevent and heal injury.  The “Yoga for a Happy Back” Certification Program is a perfect addition to basic or advanced yoga teacher training and provides the tools to work with individuals with injuries and limitations.

Keep yourself and others safe while enjoying Yoga practice!

Yoga is meant to be a sustainable, life-long and enjoyable practice that ultimately unites the mind, body and soul and allows people to connect more deeply with others.  In that process, a Yoga practice can help us stretch what is tight, strengthen what is weak, and allow our bodies to perform everyday activities with more ease and joy.  In order to make a yoga posture practice sustainable, we must learn how to create safe practices built on a solid understanding of anatomy and biomechanics and how they relate to movement and posture.  The Yoga for a Happy Back Certification Program provides the skills necessary to adapt any practice to enhance life and avoid injury.

Gain continuing education credit through the Yoga Alliance.

All hours count toward Yoga Alliance continuing education for Yoga teachers ( 100 hours for the full course).

Cost: Earlybird: $1,525  Regular: $1,675

  • $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a space
  • Space is limited

Cancellations/Refund Policy:

Refunds available less $100 non-refundable deposit 2 weeks before the course. After that, credit can be applied towards any future course.

To Register or for more information:

Register online at www.prana-yoga.com

or call: 858-456-2806


“I was completely impressed with the Happy Back program. It is a well-structured curriculum that provides a highly dynamic learning environment and prepares students well for the challenges of assessing, treating, and instructing clients on the health and management of their spine. As a physical therapist new to the therapeutic aspects of yoga, I felt it was highly valuable, very applicable, and tremendously thought provoking. Rachel is superb, her teaching is outstanding, entertaining, relevant, and genuinely instructive. How lucky we are to do what we love. Take this class. Two thumbs up!”

– Barbara Shirts, PT  San Diego, CA

” The Happy Back Training with Rachel was an incredibly valuable experience. It has given me more confidence teaching my classes, knowing that I can safely instruct students who come to me with back pain. I was able to start using Rachel’s therapeutic sequences immediately in my classes and my students are very happy! Thanks Rachel!”

– Julia Chen, RYT San Diego, CA

” After the very first time I used Rachel’s instruction to free up the shoulders and neck several of my students said they felt relief from persistent and long term tension and pressure. The simplicity of the poses made them useful for each and every student with a minimum of adjustment, which is great for a relatively large class. It works like magic. ”

– Aliza Herbst, Yoga Teacher     Jerusalem, Israel

“Rachel is a teacher’s teacher. As a seasoned physical therapist and healthy back expert, she brings a broad base of knowledge and the confidence that comes from experience, to every injury and interaction. Her gentle way and healing hands have helped me manage my back issues and her full and purposeful life inspire me to live my life mindfully.”

-Shauna MacKay, BPE, RYT-500 La Jolla, CA

“As a health care professional, Rachel brings in-depth knowledge and insight to her teaching that is an invaluable benefit to her students.   Her expertise regarding musculoskeletal mechanics and pathology, combined with her compassionate instinct as a healer, form the perfect union of precision and tenderness.  It was my privilege to study with Rachel and I gained an enhanced expertise and skill in yoga therapy, anatomy and kinesiology.  This training is essential for any yoga teacher seeking a deeper knowledge of how to safely and competently guide students with injuries and joint problems safely through their yoga practices.”

Ingrid Yang, author of Hatha Yoga Asanas, yoga teacher, and medical student  Chicago, IL

“Krentzman’s Yoga for a Happy Back DVD is a wonderful support for students looking for a solid, therapeutic sequence to practice at home. Research has demonstrated such a tool increases ongoing participation in a home asana practice. The DVD is laid out in a logical sequence, using three models of varying ability/mobility in order to clearly demonstrate adaptations and modifications of the asana. The two camera views give the viewer a well lit perspective of alignment, support and body placement. Divided by type of asana, each section can be part of the entire series or stand alone as a shorter practice. It was particularly nice to have a narration with a solid, professional tone and no dreamy, elongated “yoga voice”. Careful detail is given to the use of props and other supports without impeding the series progression. Especially noteworthy is the care taken to walk the student back out of the asana safely where so often the viewer in other DVD’s is left to find their way out.  Next time someone you know is complaining of back pain, send them to a qualified yoga instructor and suggest they pick up Yoga for a Happy Back to find their way home to freedom of movement again!”

-Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, ERYT, Past president of the board of directors of the International Association of Yoga Therapists; founder of the Matthew J. Taylor Institute of Scottsdale, AZ. www.DrofYoga.com

“Rachel’s workshops combine sound scientifically-based knowledge with the wisdom of Yoga.  Rachel is an eloquent speaker, a natural teacher and a gifted healer.  I felt like I learned more than I expected to learn in an experiential way and had a lot of fun doing it.”

-Christine Carr, MSPT, COMT, RYT  Denver, CO