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Physical Therapy

We combine the ancient art and science of Yoga with Physical Therapy for a unique, integrative and effective approach to pain relief and improved well-being. We focus on finding the source of your pain and realigning the body using movement, Yoga postures, positioning and breath work. As Doctors of Physical Therapy, our staff are highly […]

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Yoga Wall

We use the Great Yoga Wall TM in our sessions to facilitate spinal traction, decompression and improve flexibility and mobility. Yoga postures, or asanas, are therapeutically modified depending on the needs of the individual; we help make the pose “fit” the person rather than make the person fit the pose. The Great Yoga Wall TM […]

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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the skilled art of facilitating healing with hands-on treatment techniques, including joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization and myofascial decompression/cupping. All manual therapy is performed as part of the physical therapy treatment plan to decrease pain, improve function and movement and is based on your individual functional and wellness goals.

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