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Natasha Tininenko DPT, Physical Therapist

Natasha Tininenko is a physical therapist, yoga instructor, dancer and a mother, who has always embraced movement as a way of life.  She was first exposed to yoga and Pilates through her extensive dance training and later received her master’s degree in physical therapy in 1999.  A “mover and a shaker” at heart, yoga helped her find a way to enjoy being still.

Natasha completed her Yoga Teacher Training in the School of  Purna Yoga in 2010 and pursued additional training in therapeutic yoga with Professional Yoga Therapy Studies.  She has been teaching yoga, dance, Pilates and group exercise for over 25 years.  Natasha’s keen eye helps her find the source of malalignment and create balance in the body for each individual.

Natasha educates her patients to connect with their breath, improve their posture, and re-balance their body to optimize their mobility and heal from pain. Whether you are a weekend warrior with a sore shoulder, an office worker with a tight neck, or a person looking for relief from back pain and trying to avoid surgery, she can personalize a home program for you.  Natasha utilizes a variety of modalities including yoga, spinal traction, joint mobilization, massage, Strain-Counter Strain, cupping, and kinesiotaping with her patients.