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Physical Therapy

At Embody Physical Therapy and Yoga

We use our skills as licensed physical therapists along with extensive training in Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics to heal the whole person and achieve long term health and freedom from pain. We combine evidence-based physical therapy practices with specific yoga-based techniques designed to realign and stabilize the body including Yoga Wall™ traction and specific Purna Yoga™ series as taught by world renowned instructor, Aadil Palkhivala. Our clients are healed naturally using movement and avoid surgery for many conditions including chronic back pain and disc herniation.

A program designed to fit you, delivered in a soothing environment, makes the therapy experience at Embody both beneficial and fun. We aim to empower each individual to be a partner is their own process of self-discovery and healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How are we different?

In most other hospitals and rehab centers:

  • You will spend less than 20 min. with a physical therapist.  We spend one hour, one on one with you.
  • You are usually treated in a big room along with many other individuals.  We treat you in a private enclosed room, in a peaceful environment.
  • You see different therapists at each visit.  At Embody, you always have the same therapist who knows you best.
  • You receive traditional physical therapy treatment techniques.  We use Yoga as our main healing modality.
  • You exercise with weights, pulleys and exercise machines found at gyms.  We use blocks, straps, bolsters and the Great Yoga Wall TM for spinal traction.

Curious? Contact Us for a complementary consultation.

We are in network with Tricare and Medicare and accept most other health insurance (PPO) plans.  If we do not accept your insurance we can help you submit billing for reimbursement.  Ask Us about your options.


  • Physical Therapy Treatment Session (50 min.) – $135


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