Deborah Yturralde

December 10, 2009

My doctor prescribed  physical therapy for me due to chronic lower back pain that I had for about two months. I am an ex-gymnast and ballet dancer and therefore am very familiar with physical therapy treatment. However,  I was not aware of Yoga as a method for treatment. During the weeks of Yoga therapy, my pain was addressed using simple easy movements that provided relief. The pain was addressed by working through the pain site and then into the entire body. The Yoga therapy relieved the pain and uncovered the area causing my symptoms. Before I knew it we had gotten to the source of my discomfort  and pain. I was shown various methods to relieve the pain and taught how to practice on my own at home. I injured myself twice since my last therapy session and used the specific methods I was tought to relieve pain and it worked! I am so pleased with the Yoga therapy and am astonished at its effectiveness.

Regards, Deborah Yturralde