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Where Yoga Meets Physical Therapy

Where Yoga Meets Physical Therapy

At Embody, we combine the ancient art and science of Yoga with Physical Therapy for a unique,  integrative and effective approach to pain relief and improved well being. We focus on finding the  source of your pain and realigning the body using movement, Yoga postures, positioning and  breath work.

Combining our knowledge and experience as licensed physical therapists with our extensive  training in Iyengar and Purna Yoga TM allows us to find new ways to promote complete healing  where conventional methods may have fallen short.


At Embody, your physical therapy experience is both personal and profound.

 “Fizzy Yoga” – AKA PhysioYoga Becoming More Popular!

“Fizzy Yoga” – AKA PhysioYoga – the combination of physical therapy and Yoga,  has gotten a great  deal of press lately! Learn about “Fizzy Yoga” for Baby Boomers and read this interesting article about how “Fizzy Yoga” saved Kim Catrall’s life.